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What makes our server different from any other Minecraft server.


On Ediforce, there are practically no limits to what you can do, who you can be, and what you can achieve. Build a house, start a company, or become the mayor. The choice is yours!

Unlimited Possiblilties

Be who you want, do what you want, live where you want, and work where you want. These are just a few of the limitless choices you will get to make.

You Decide

You decide the future of the city and the server. You can choose to branch out and form a new city. You can expand or compact. You can build houses, businesses, and commercial empires at will.

Experience life

Get a taste of real life outside of home by paying taxes, managing insurance, monitoring finances, and many other features.

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About our server

Learn about the dream behind Ediforce and how we strive to carry it out.
The core principle upon which Ediforce was built is "Freedom."

Ediforce is all about freedom of choice. As the player, citizen, and ultimate authority, you have the power invested in you to make choices,changes, and decision. You can choose where you live, where you work, what you do, who governs you, and many more things. We at Ediforce firmly believe that no decision should be made without the consent of the people. We do not place ourselves over anyone else. We are all equals.

The server is based upon a single city, Paramount. Within the city lives a host of lives to be lived and mastered. Jobs must be filled, businesses must be made, officials must be appointed, and functions must be performed. All these things are the citizens’ responsibilities. We as the owners and staff can only assist these processes in happening. It is up to you to make them happen.

After time has passed and the city has established and proportioned itself, expansion must be made. Citizens will have the option to band together and form a new sub-community. Together you will gather the resources and individuals required to make a new city. Then we as a team will work to create another while village, town, or city. Anything can be accomplished as a team, and we plan to achieve as many “anythings” as we possibly can.

  • Freedom

    Give players the maximum amount of freedom possible.

  • Realism

    Maintain a realistic environment for players to participate in.

  • Safety

    Provide a place where children and adults alike can interact safely.

  • Enjoyment

    Keep a fun and vibrant server running and the community happy.


Below are the heads of the various staff departments which help run the server.
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Server Owner
The owner and creator behind the idea, Micah has tirelessly worked to turn his idea into a reality. Many hours and dollars later, he still toils to bring the ultimate experience to each person.
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Head Admin
Head Admin and the public face of the server, Entity works day and night to serve as a visible presence on the server. Behind the scenes, he helps manage, create, and maintain the server itself.
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Head Developer
Leading the technical team, Arakrum works to keep the nitty gritty details of the server together so that you can enjoy it.
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Creativity Director
Grace leads the Creativity team, mastering music and art with equal ease and skill. She can handle any task you throw at her.

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