Welcome to Ediforce! | Update #1

I would like to formally welcome you to Ediforce, the ultimate realistic city environment. Our goal is to provide you with something you’ve never experienced before in Minecraft. Prepare to be immersed in a world where you can choose everything from what you do to where you live to who runs the city to what color the paint is in City Hall. A world of opportunities lies in front of you.

Now that you’ve read the blurb, let me give you a status update. Today we started a ton of updates and additions all at once. We created and opened up our website and forum. We have opened up a private test server and are currently configuring the plugins and permissions for future use. We are beginning to work on the server market and are actively working on the server’s logos and banners.


  • Open website and forum
  • Launch private test server
  • Launch Discord server and integrate with the in-game server and chat

In progress:

  • Configure and customize website
  • Configure forum categories, individual forums, and permissions
  • Integrate the link between the forum and the server
  • Continue designing art (logos and banners)
  • Continue work on server market and create items and ranks and purchases

To Do:

  • Create Kickstarter page
  • Create application system for positions

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