One Week Later…. | Update #2

Hello everyone!

It has now been about a week since we started working on this project, so I thought it was time to give you a status update. So far, work has been fairly quick, completely overhauling the website and forum and adding a Wiki. The new website is modern and responsive with all the information regarding the server close at hand. The forum has been set up and customized with forum sections, user groups, and permissions. The forum itself is directly integrated with the server. When you join the server, you will be a guest. Upon registering in the Forum, you will be transferred to the normal Citizen’s group. We’ve set up a new moderation system so that all players can be assured of justice and fairness across the city. We’ve opened up the ban system, which can be found at There you will be able to find information regarding your or anyone’s ban, mute, kick, and warning. Dynmap has been added to the server and is technically up and running. However, since the server map itself is not prepared or built, dynmap will do you very little good. The art team has been busy creating logos and banners. Many an idea has been tossed around and discarded. We are still working to find the perfect logo to represent the server with. Below is a more in-depth list of what’s left to do on the server


  • Overhaul website and forum
  • Create and organize forum categories, user groups, and permissions
  • Integrate forum with server
  • Handle registration and joining\
  • Create Wiki
  • Make apple pie

In Progress:

  • Update Wiki with guides and information regarding the server
  • Continue setting up Minecraft Market
  • Touch up application system and positions
  • Design logo and banner

To do:

  • Create Kickstarter page
  • Create Planet Minecraft page
  • Hire build team

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